Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping my son. We tried everything from formulas to dummies and bottle variations but nothing helped. Immediatly after the treatment he relaxed and started eating again. i cannot believe what a change you have made and how happy my baby is now. Thank you.
Aimee and Harry.

My daughter wouldn't rest at night. We couldn't settle her or get her to feed. I am truly amazed in the change in lucy. She sleeps and feeds like a normal child now. Thank you.
Dan,Jane & Lucy

I hadn't slept for almost twoo weeks before a friend told me about the mother & baby clinic. I asked everyone for suggestions but never realised that colic could be fixed so easily. I wish i'd come earlier. Thank you for everything. He's a different boy now and i finally get to sleep!

We tried every type of formular on the market and our G.P had petty much given up on us. Within 20 minutes my starving child had gone from 1oz feeds to 6 oz I couldn't believe my eyes. We we're taught how to help our baby at home under the guidence of the practitioner. I am so relieved to have a normal child at last and cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you.