Meet our team

David Leach

David Leach: B.Sc. Hons Ost Med
David graduated from the British School of Osteopathy.
David has been working with children for the past 15 years. He primarily concentrates of digestive disorders commonly know as Colic & Silent Reflux. To do this he has specialised in combining Cranial osteopathy with Functional release techniques.
He also works with Autistic and Down's syndrome children reducing anxiety and improving digestion.


In 2014 David trailed a research project using ultrasound to find the causes of conditions commonly known as Silent Reflux and Colic. His research found high numbers of these conditions were due to a recurrent area of the bowel was lethargic causing a blockage of food resulting in crying or discomfort. He then divided a specific treatment programme with fantastic results. David also noticed a high degree of neck injuries sustained in traumatic assisted births commonly coinciding with children who would not lie and self settle.
We are all Registered Osteopaths with our governing body the GOsC and regularly update our peadiatric knowledge.